Press Reviews

Critic's Choice in The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Evening Standard, and Three Weeks.

"Wallowing in a Muddy Marvellous Revival. Wheelchair using vocalist Flanders and bright eyed pianist Swann have both now gone to the great loose ends broadcast in the sky but whippersnappers Tim FitzHigham and Duncan Walsh Atkins are flying the flag with this winning celebration. The songs remain masterfully comic compositions...if you think Eminem is the last word in lyrical dexterity listen to FitzHigham - a younger, sexier Richard Stilgoe - wrap his tonsils around Flanders' tongue-tangling Have some Madeira M'dear. This unashamedly retro revue will not change your voting habits however for admirers of cabaret with impeccable manners these Swann songs certainly fit the bill"

Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard

Marvellous. One enchanted evening"

The Express

"An energetic and charming infectious joy that leaves you admiring their heroes as much as they obviously do."

British Theatre Guide

"Chaps don't have to play rugger any more and Nigel Molesworth's "gurls" are running the show, but there's still plenty of vim in the songs of Flanders and Swann. Tim FitzHigham sports an impressive beard, while the bespectacled Walsh Atkins submits to suave teasing over his preference for living in the lower depths (known to most of us as Battersea)"

Clive Davis, The Times

"At the Drop of a Hippopotamus captures Flanders and Swann's astute wit and delight in ingenuous wordplay - a great British tradition

The Guardian

"Tim FitzHigham accompanied with panache at the keyboard by Duncan Walsh Atkins"

The Scotsman

"Energy and relish...caught the period remarkably well...Well worth seeing"

Laurence Hughes, The Independent

"What really makes the show are the performances that FitzHigham and Walsh-Atkins give, both as their characters on stage and also in their natural back and forth as a comedy duo. FitzHigham has an incredibly expressive manner which he flaunts to perfection...He also ably navigates his way through the various tongue twisters that many Flanders and Swann songs possess. On the ‘pianoforte’ Walsh-Atkins’ neat and skilful playing provides the perfect accompaniment and juxtaposition to the Flanders and Swann lyrics and FitzHigham’s comedy."

5 Stars

Broadway Baby

"This show captures the essence of what made Flanders and Swann so popular and serves to remind those who know Flanders and Swann of their skill and comedy whilst also introducing a new generation to a couple of the most celebrated comic songwriters of their generation."

Eastern Daily Press

"Effervescent...they wisely decided not to parody the energetic performance however capable of changing pace during the slower numbers."

5 Stars

Three Weeks

"This touching tribute is super; the humour is dead on, and the musical talent on display is impeccable."

5 Stars

Fringe Review

"The promotional leaflet promised a treat for ‘lifelong fans and for the uninitiated’.

"I believe, belonging very much to the latter, it may have been even more special for those of us not brought up on their comedy songs, the punch lines in the songs being unknown and fresh."

Suffolk Free Press